Manga Artists with Amazing Art Styles

Japan as we all know is celebrated for its near-perfection creative mediums like Graphic Novels, Animated films, Games and Movies. Out of all these creative forms, in recent times Manga comics (Graphic novels) on an international level, is fast becoming one the most popular reading material for booklover’s, the artistry and originality of which is astounding.

Audiences who are unfamiliar or have limited knowledge of this medium, may mistake them to be comics with stories of superheroes or teen humor. But in reality, the subject matter is widely varied and virtually limitless and so are the target audiences, which includes not just teenagers and children, fan following comprises young adults and even grown-ups.

The amazingly diverse art styles followed by Mangaka's (Japanese word for a manga artist/ author) are rich in creativity and flooded with its ever-growing originality. Its true, art appreciation is highly subjective however here are few art styles that in my opinion come in the first five categories. Though listing just few from the vast sea of awesome art styles has been a tough task.

Mangaka- Kaoru Mori
Images from series- A Bride's Story (Otoyomegatari)
Genre- Historical

Art style- Kaoru Mori’s artstyle follows flawless anatomy, accurate perspective and detailed background with interesting supporting art. Her approach is extremely controlled and meticulous, which gives her works, especially subject interactions with one another and emotional atmosphere, an extremely realistic look and feel. The notable elements that make Kaoru Mori’s style unique are the combination of well-balanced compositions and painstaking detailing.

Mangaka- Yuki Kodama
Images from series- Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi No Apollon)
Genre- Slice Of Life

Art style- The beauty of Yuki Kodama’s art is its crispiness and minimalism, it is refreshingly simple, direct, and frank. For defining depth and dimension he dexterously employs attention-grabbing perspective for the background. Kodama is particularly talented in smoothly blending his subjects to create a natural rhythm and harmony for his compositions.

Mangaka- Naoki Urasawa
Images from series- 20th century boys
Genre- Action

Art style- Naoki Urasawa’s artworks strength are the intensely dramatic compositions that harmonized well with his storyline. He primarily uses gestures and movement for theatrical effectiveness. Furthermore his technique is to bring attention to the focal figure in the composition with the help of a subsided yet well-defined background.

Mangaka- Takehiko Inoue
Images from series- Vagabond
Genre- Historical 

Art style- Takehiko Inoue’s profound, life-like and complex compositional methods take the viewers experience to new levels. He employs various visual techniques to make objects and space more three dimensional. The artist's meticulous attention to naturalistic detail is most noted in the images shown below brimming realism.

Mangaka- Yayoi Ogawa
Images from series- Tramps Like Us (Kimi wa petto)
Genre- Romance

Art style- The main appeal of Yayoi Ogawa’s art is the remarkable freedom and fluidity of facial expression and emotionally vibrant body-language, qualities which are rare and essential for graphic novels.  Her subjects are not overly-dramatic, she depicts them naturally while at the same time reflecting the true essence of the character. Her technique allows the viewer to imagine themselves in the situation and share the experience of the characters.


  1. Very nice explanations and a wide range of styles. Thanks for putting in the effort: I enjoyed you taking me through it.


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