Interior Designers Share- What Art is for Interiors

Professional Interior designers don’t treat artworks as accessories or add-ons, for them artworks are key design elements that can make or break a space. We connect with few of the most talented and artistic interior designers who share their opinion on- What kind of role does Art play in their profession. But before that, listed below are few basic points learnt in discussion with them, detailing how experienced designers dexterously use art to transform interiors.

 ‘Art Intelligent’ designers skillfully use artworks as a focal point (an area that captures the viewer’s attention the most) to positively enhance and control their design.

(Shown below-Left side)- Royal needlework art used as a focal point in Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s Hampton home.

(Shown below-Right side)- A unique portrait used as a focal point in Owen Wright’s Downtown Brooklyn loft.

Image source- Eric Cahan for House & Garden    I    Yunhee Kim for for Lonny

Art defines the character of a space, designers dexterously use artworks for strengthening and highlighting the theme and style chosen for a space.

(Shown below-Left side)- An antique portrait supports the vintage theme in Hollywood actress Rachel Bilson’s house.

 (Shown below-Right side)- The ethnic artwork above the wrought iron headboard adds to the exotic theme of the bedroom in Hollywood star Lauren Bacall's apartment.
Image source-  Douglas Friedman  and Bonhams for

Artworks are often used by designers to play with the color palette of the space.

(Shown below Left side)- The correlating pastel colors of the abstract artwork and the interiors, harmonizes and balances the living room in actress Ginnifer Goodwin’s house.

(Shown below-Right side)- The stark color contrast of the artwork flatters the grey shade of the space and enhances other decorative elements in designer Carreon’s apartment.
Image source-  Hillary Walsh for Elle    I    Toto Labrador for Lonny

Skilled Interior designers even use the size and theme of the artworks to their advantage.

(Shown below Left side)- A huge art work gives an illusion of a wider space and adds an impressive appeal to the dining hall in star Ellen DeGeneres’s house.

(Shown below Right side)- A large artwork with an impactful statement above the fireplace takes the center stage in actor George Clooney’s English Country House.
Image source-  Roger Davies for Architectural Digest    I    FameFlynet Pictures on

Interior Designers are excellent mind-readers, their main objective is to get a sense of what appeals the most to you and suits your lifestyle. Here are few such mind readers who share with us what art is for interior designing.

Anu Brar "Selecting artworks is delightfully challenging and at the same time the favorite part of my project. For me, it’s a powerful tool to transform a featureless zone in to a welcoming and personalized space."

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Monita Bhardwaj "For me, any given space is just a body or shell without soul in absence of art. A painting alone is capable of infusing life in an interior space and be the focal point."

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Gurjot Shan "Art is instinctive and so is Design. Dressing up your spaces & walls with elements that eventually reflect your persona, taste and style- is the key. It renders direction & character to a space. I don’t treat art as an appendix for my assignments. In fact in some cases, artworks have been the preface or starting point based on which the color palette or theme of the space has been defined."

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Gurleen Kaur "Adding aesthetic value comes naturally to all interior designers, the toughest part is customizing and personalizing the habitat as per the needs and taste of the client. Art is one such design element that helps me achieve this task, be it corporate or domestic. Each artwork has a story to narrate and each inspires a different ambiance and emotion. It adds life and the requisite taste to a space which makes it custom and unique."

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  1. What a great article. Very helpful as I am trying to figure out what to add to my dinning room. I like the quote:
    "Art defines the character of a space, designers dexterously use artworks for strengthening and highlighting the theme and style chosen for a space." That is exactly what I am hoping to do but I didn't realize it! Thank you!


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